Spiritual Injury Survey (S.I.S)

The brief 8 question assessment was developed by Chaplain Gary E. Berg, DMin., MDiv.  and others working for Veteran Affairs with service members in 1986.  It became a standard for chaplains' use for inpatient service members at various Veteran hospitals during the 1990's. 

Answer each question below with the following:
(Never - 1, Sometimes - 2, Often - 3, Very Often - 4) 
  1. How often do you feel guilty over past behaviors?
  2. Does anger or resentment block your peace of mind?
  3. How often do you feel sad or experience grief? 
  4. Do you feel that life has no meaning or purpose?
  5. How often do you feel despair or hopelessness?
  6. Do you feel God or life has treated you unfairly?
  7. Do you worry about your doubts or disbelief in God?
  8. Do you worry about or think about or fear death? 
Total Score:  25-32 indicates Significant Spiritual Deficiency; 17-24 range for Moderate Spiritual Deficiency and 8-16 range is Normal. 

Deficiency DOES NOT mean you are deficient or a failure as a Christian.  It means your spiritual being is wounded (injured) due to a crisis, trauma, family situations, etc.  You may need positive spiritual, emotional and physical support.  Please consider attending a recovery group.  Messages, resources and links will be continually added to this website to address areas of spiritual injury.  

 Spiritual Injury           Spiritual Care Approach
 Guilt                 Self-Forgiveness / Compassion
 Anger Constructive Expressions of Hurt Suffered
 Sadness/Grief Rituals of Mourning
 Meaningless Meaning-Making / Value Building
 Hopelessness Encouragement / Positive Direction
 Unfairness Vent / Laments
 Doubt Freedom to Question (even God)
 Fear of Death Exploration of Fears / Assuring Peace

Please review messages which address these area of possible spiritual injury.  Remember FAITH IS A JOURNEY!  Start where you are and take steps towards your future. 

Betty-Jo Anderson,
Mar 14, 2015, 10:05 PM